UPDATE: Three dead in Madison County house fire

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky State Police say autopsies have determined that the deaths of three people in a Madison County fire were the result of smoke inhalation.

But police say the autopsies performed Sunday at the state medical examiner's office in Frankfort could not positively identify the three adults who died. Police said they will continue to investigate to try to determine the identities.

Investigators say they have ruled the fire accidental and believe a wood stove inside the house may have been the cause.


Madison County firefighters responded to the fire on Oakley Wells Road just before midnight Friday, and the bodies were recovered Saturday.

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The Madison County Coroner tells us they have an idea who the victims of a triple fatal fire are, but are waiting on DNA to positively identify them.

Investigators say a wood-burning stove appears to be what caused the fire.
Kentucky state police are investigating a house fire that killed three people overnight. They say it could be a little while before they know for certain just who they found in this burned out home.

A neighbor, going to pick her daughter up from the movies, spotted the fire around midnight on Friday. She says with no cars in the driveway her biggest concern was the dog chained next to the home between Union City and College Hill Road.

"Everything was already in full flames, there was flames coming out the window, I don't think there was a roof still on it, pretty much fully engulfed," said Pati Goode.

Goode called her husband, a sergeant with the sheriff's office, and once firefighters were on their way Goode drove on, believing the home was empty.

"I said I don't think there's anyone here, I said there's no cars in the driveway, it doesn't look like a soul lives here," said Goode.

Her husband and son helped firefighters, taking these pictures when they got on the scene. It wasn't until daylight that investigators were able to begin going through what was left of the home.

"It was this morning before the fire was fully extinguished, the roof was caved in and the house was completely destroyed," said Trooper Robert Purdy.

That's when they discovered the first body, then another, then another. Police say they don't want to speculate on who the people could be. The man who owns the home says a family was working to repair it, before moving in. The woman who lives across the street says some people had moved in but hadn't been there long.

"I feel so sorry for the families, feel bad nobody knew anyone was there," said Goode.

State police say the fire investigation is really just beginning, but at this point they don't have any reason to believe this fire is suspicious,

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