State police warn heroin use in Central Kentucky on the rise

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - They've had some success cracking down on meth and prescription drug abuse in Kentucky, but police say that's also sparked another drug problem in our state.

Police say they're finding heroin more often as drug dealers look for other ways to make money. Just this week, Kentucky State Police in Scott County made an arrest and took 26 grams of heroin off the streets. It's a drug they say they're starting to see more often.

"We've seen some heroin in just about every county in our Post 12 area," explains Trooper Ron Turley with Kentucky State Police.

Trooper Turley says his area isn't alone in the fight against heroin. Last week, London police made their first trafficking arrests involving the drug. Pulaski, Knox, and Jefferson County police have also dealt with the drug recently.

Different agencies seem to have different theories on why heroin sales are starting to spread throughout Central Kentucky.

"We have drying up pill mills and now we have people going right to heroin," says Trooper Turley, "without that script for them to get the 30-day supply of Oxycontin, it's pretty expensive. The heroin itself is cheaper."

Trooper Turley also believes instability in Afghanistan, one of the world's biggest producers of heroin, makes it easier for American dealers to get the drug. London police credit the rise in heroin use to the fact it's easier to make than meth, and gives the user a longer high.

"We are aware of it. And we're doing what we can to eradicate it," notes Trooper Turley.

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