Steamy before storms this weekend

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The heat really builds in for this weekend. We'll be looking at daytime highs back around 90 degrees each day. While humidity will not be off the charts, you will certainly notice a little more mugginess in the air.

All of this heat and that extra dose of humidity will fuel the chances for showers and storms for Sunday night and into Monday. We could see some strong or even severe thunderstorms during that time. With a big change coming in the atmosphere you can bet we'll at least fire off some storms.

This front is a very potent one. When you go from temps around 90 down into the 70s you will get some fireworks. As of this writing parts of Central Kentucky are considered under a Slight Risk of Severe Weather. That threat will likely continue into Monday as that front barrels through the area. With a system like this you can expect very strong winds. That's a typical set-up when you consider this kind of cool air pushing in behind a front.

The end result will have us all feeling another round of fall like weather. Temps will hover in the 70s for a good stretch. Some nights could even dip into the low 50s. This would be the second blast of fall this season.

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