Steve Nunn assigned public defender

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky taxpayers will now foot the bill for Steve Nunn's ongoing court battle.

The former state lawmaker is serving a life sentence for killing his former fiance, Amanda Ross in 2009.

We've now learned the Department of Public Advocacy recently ruled that Nunn was indigent, clearing the way for him to be assigned a public defender.

Nunn has filed a motion to withdraw his guilty plea. A hearing scheduled for Thursday in Fayette Circuit Court has been delayed to allow his new attorney to become familiar with the case.

He comes from a well-known Kentucky family, and was a lawmaker at one time. Admitted killer Steve Nunn filed court documents in Fayette County asking to be declared a pauper.

He's also been ordered to pay more than $24,000,000 to the Ross family as part of a wrongful death lawsuit.

Last month, Judge James Ishmael put a hold on Steve Nunn's prison account, the one he used to pay for items at the prison commissary, like food and toiletries. That money is supposed to help pay off the $24,000,000 Nunn owes to the Amanda Ross family in the wrongful death lawsuit. Now Nunn is saying he can't afford to appeal. He's requested the court consider him broke.

In a in forma pauperis application, Nunn writes if he has to pay filing fee costs, he'll deprive himself of food, shelter, and clothing because "my account and funds have been frozen and garnished by the order from which I am appealing."

The Ross family, in response, questions how poor Nunn really is, writing, his claim is "demonstrably false, given that Mr. Nunn has already attested to the fact that he receives $1,600.00 per month in pension benefits. In addition, Mr. Nunn owns real property" in Bowling Green.

Judge Ishmael denied Nunn's request for pauper status.

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