Heavy rains mean flooding for folks living around Stoner Creek

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BOURBON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - With more rain expected this weekend, people who live near creeks and streams are on alert for flash flooding and that includes people near Stoner Creek in Bourbon County.

After living in Stoner Creek for 43 years, James Arnold knows that when heavy rain hits his hometown-- flooding follows.

For the past few days, the rain drops have continued to fall and the creek has continued to rise.

“Pretty much everything around here floods. The back streets, the ballpark; they get flooded pretty bad but it takes a pretty deep flood to start running residents out,” Arnold told us.

On Friday, Arnold learned that a flood warning had been issued for Stoner Creek and he and his motorcycle club immediately sprang into action.

Throughout Friday afternoon, the rising water consistently crept closer to their clubhouse and all the while, the club worked to prevent flood damage by removing as many items as possible.

“We got a trucking company out of Cynthiana that loaned us a truck to put all of our stuff in the clubhouse in so we are ready and prepared,” Arnold said.

Officials with the National Weather Service say the flood stage for Stoner Creek is typically 18 feet but they say the heavy rains could cause the creek to rise several more feet--which could cause some damage.

“The flood stage is when the water starts to break the outer banks of the creek.”

Arnold says at this point all they can do is take precautions, be prepared and wait for the rain clouds to clear.

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