Stoops optimistic about future

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Mark Stoops is optimistic about the future of Kentucky football. The first year head coach stands at 2-8 in his first season at UK. But when the subject turned to recruiting at his weekly news conference, Stoops said he feels "very good about the way things are going."

"The short answer is we need help in all areas." said Stoops. "We need some more playmakers, we're having a hard time getting explosive plays."

Stoops went on to say he needs more size. "We need to continue to get bigger across the board, so we need some size. Stoops said his defense needs help everywhere. "We need to be good at all levels. We really need help up front, at linebacker and in the secondary."

Stoops feels great about the leadership class of 2014 and he's hopeful some news will come in the next couple weeks that will give the program momentum for 2015 and beyond.

Stoops said it will all take time. Good players need to be recruited, some will be redshirted. Just like the fans he's impatient. "I want to win now, I want to win this week. I think we're putting together a good football team. I love their attitude and I love their work eithic. We need to be better and we need to be more disciplined, I'm not going to bend on those things."

Stoops is confident his team will improve next year and the year after that. "We're going to win, I can't tell you when. I hope it's this week."

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