Storm brings down large tree near Lincoln Co. school

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - High winds left behind some damage in Lincoln County.

An employee at Crab Orchard Elementary School says a big storm rolled through around six Wednesday night. A short time later, he says he received a call from another employee saying that strong winds had knocked over a very large tree in front of school property.

P.D. Roller, who is the groundskeeper for the Lincoln County Board of Education, says the tree snapped in half and fell into the path of the main entranceway, where parents go to pick up their kids before and after school.

It took several hours for employees to cut the tree into small enough pieces to move it aside from the main pathway.

"I'm here once or twice a week making sure that there aren't any dead limbs around the playground. Thankfully this tree was not around the playground area which would be really critical so we try to watch for stuff like that," said Roller.

Several other trees fell down along the stretch of road where the school is located, but did not cause any visible damage.

Lincoln County Emergency Management officials say that on Wednesday night, they also received reports of hail damage in the Crab Orchard area.

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