Storm causes house fire in Franklin County

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The storms we saw Wednesday evening did cause some damage in some parts of the Bluegrass. Franklin County was one of the hardest hit areas.

Trees fell across some roads there and on the campus of Kentucky State University. And firefighters believe the storm sparked a fire, damaging a house.

Whether it was lightning or wind, officials say they aren't sure, but what they do know is the cause of a house fire on South Benson Road is weather-related.

Stronger storms have hit Franklin County in the past, but it just takes the snap of one branch or power line to cause a home to go up in flames. That's what Kevin Smith learned Wednesday when his 89-year-old mother's home caught fire during the storm.

"I saw mostly a lot of smoke," said Kevin Smith, who's mother's home caught fire in the storm. "There were still parts of flames coming out that fireman were really working hard to contain, and you could tell they were giving everything that they got."

Flames ten feet in the air are what neighbors reported when they called 911. Officials tell us a power line snapped and sparked, setting the house on fire. Smith says he's just thankful the damage isn't worse and his mother, Catherine Smith, 89, is okay.

"The main thing I can say is people need to cherish all the memories they got because we luckily got by that we were able to save a lot of our memories here," said Smith.

It's his childhood home, so he's glad it's not destroyed and that they could save most of his mother's belongings.

Fire officials worked to cover holes in the home left after the fire before the next storm hit.

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