Falling tree narrowly misses Rowan County woman during storm

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We're tracking reports of storm damage out of Rowan County.

Several trees fell in the backyard of a home on Bramblewood Lane just east of Morehead off of U.S. 60.

The woman who lives there says one of the trees just narrowly missed hitting her. The trees did land on a car, camper, and trampoline.

"Well, we had just come outside. It stopped raining. We were like, 'Wow. Look at the road. It looks like a river.' And I came around the side of the house, and I noticed the camper door was blown open," said Rainy Pennington.

The rain had stopped but the damage wasn't over for Rainy Pennington and her family. Trees behind their home fell moments later, narrowly missing Pennington and her stepdaughter as they ran inside, anticipating the second tree to fall.

"It was just one big crack. It happened that fast. By the time I got to the end of this camper, it had fell. And the neighbor came out, asking if we heard it," said Pennington.

But Mother Nature still wasn't finished.

"And we said, 'Oh, I think the second one is going,' so we all had to back up," said Pennington. "And it fell over the top of the camper and everything. They got to see that one happened."

Still dealing with some damage and shock, Pennington says she's counting her blessings, knowing it could have been much worse.

"Everything is fine," said Pennington. "Everybody is alright, so it's alright."

Rowan County was under a severe thunderstorm warning when the storms knocked down the trees. Some of Pennington's neighbors on Bramblewood Lane lost power from the storm.

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