Storm leaves damage in Wilmore

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Strong winds blew through Wilmore early Thursday afternoon, leaving some damage in its wake.

"Only reason I'm out here now is because of this," Major Douglas Burr said, taking stock of the damage to a large tree outside the Salvation Army Student Center.

"It took down a huge section of it as you can see here," he said.

He knew there would be storms today, but didn't think he'd see this.

"I was quite shocked. My mouth dropped open. It looks like it's almost right down the middle," said Burr.

The tree didn't hit any buildings, but did take out a lamppost. Just down the street, the wind uprooted another tree and dumped it onto a duplex. Asbury officials said the limbs broke through the ceiling. No one was hurt. The wind also ripped a plastic panel from its frame along the soccer fields.

"We have tree branches in the yard all the time, any time we get any wind or rain. We have little branches that fall down with these trees in the yard, but nothing like this," said Burr.

Burr said workers will have to decide whether the rest of the tree would have to come down as well.

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