Storm leaves snowy mess in Georgetown

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Conditions in Georgetown starting getting bad late Sunday night. By about 10:00 Monday morning, the snow had stopped falling from the sky, but stayed put right where it fell.

"It's been a pretty brutal winter on us. It felt like we were kind of fighting a losing battle. You could plow a road often it would be covered by the time you got back to it an hour later," said Scott County Roads Supervisor J.R. Brandenburg.

In a normal winter, he says his crews would hit the roads just a handful of times.

"This is one of the worst winters I can remember. When we get through today it'll make 30 times we've been out salting and plowing," Brandenburg said.

Brandenburg says it takes his crews about 4 hours to do a round of plowing. They've got 275 miles of road to cover and they plow them twice.

Georgetown Police say they've been busy too. They dealt with a number of accidents and people needing help in the snow.

"Overnight was definitely a lot of calls for service. We've been pretty fortunate that the majority of our calls though have been motorist assistance type incidents where we've got cars stuck in the ditch or stuck in the road. And we've assisted with those," says Captain Robert Swanigan with Georgetown Police.

Police are also offering rides to people in urgent situations. Those include people who need to pick up prescriptions or go to a doctor's appointment.

While police and road crews stay busy, others are trying to find the silver lining in all the white.

"I actually do enjoy it. It's a good workout. Good, healthy thing for a young kid to do. It's a heavy snow. Really packed tight, just wet. this is just my normal morning snow deal," said Ben Davis as he shoveled a downtown sidewalk.

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