Storm sends tree into Lexington man's home

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A portion of a 50-year-old Water Maple couldn't withstand the wind from Thursday night's storm. It came crashing into Jerry Puckett's home on Marcellus Drive.

"It sounded like a car or a truck came through the house or something I don't know," says Puckett.

But, Puckett wasn't exactly surprised to learn that the 60 to 70 foot tree in his backyard toppled over, "Because of all the limbs I've lost in the past 20 years. The way that limb was angled towards the house, I just knew that if one came down...that would be the one. And it did."

Despite the damage, Puckett is relieved his family wasn't in the room at the time, "Normally, my daughter, her boyfriend, and his friends are usually playing X-box in that room. And there is usually someone sitting on that chair. And you see the limb on the ceiling. Someone could have gotten hurt so, I guess it's all good."

Friday, some of Puckett's neighbors came over to help him clean up the mess and get the tree down from the house.

"Get it off the house because I don't know if it's supposed to rain tonight or not or what it's supposed to do. But just get a tarp over it, cover the window up so I don't have any more damage," Puckett adds.

Puckett loves the shade his tree provides. But, because the rest of it appears to be rotting, it may be coming down. He wants to avoid another situation like this.

Puckett expects to miss a few days off of work to fix the repairs to his home.

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