Storms cause damage in Mercer County

MERCER COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Cleanup is underway after strong storms rolled through the region Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Storm damage is very visible in Mercer County, where a tree landed on several houses, causing roof damage and even knocking one home off its foundation.

Folks from all over the county are spending Thursday cleaning up after the storms. You can hear chainsaws firing up, cutting the trees on the ground. First priority went to trees that fell on top of homes.

"She heard some big booms and she heard glass breaking," Alvin White told us Thursday. White describes what his wife heard last night. She was home when the very large tree fell on their roof.

"Once I get the tree removed I can see what kind of damage it did to the roof. I just had a roof put on," Alvin continued.

It left a crack in the ceiling, shattered a window, and may have shifted the home's foundation. White's Bergin home may have seen the worst of the storms last night.

Part of the storefront at O'Reilly's Auto Parts in Harrodsburg was blown off by wind. Two homes on Lexington Street avoided serious damage when a tree fell between them.

In Ft. Harrod, trees and limbs were spread everywhere, creating a mess for crews to clean up.

We're told no one was hurt in the storm last night. In Mercer County.

Only one school in the county lost power today. It was restored around 1 p.m.

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