Storms knock down tree, power lines in Boyle County

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a rough night for many across Central Kentucky and in Perryville some were surprised they didn't have widespread damage Friday morning.

Power was knocked out and the start of school was delayed in Boyle County.

The winds picked up, the rain came down and a lot of nerves in the community of Perryville were rattled about midnight as a tree that has stood for generations came toppling down.

Hunkering down near a closet, Christine Bottom feared the worst when she heard the wind howling and rain beating down.

Bottom says, "I was afraid to get up and look around."

Moments later firefighters pulled up and relatives rescued her from her dark house.

"Hit my light box, knocked all my electricity out. Lights ran across my bed and I thought it was lightening."

Instead, what she was seeing was the effect of the tree hitting a power line and ripping her utility box from the side of the house.

"It's just something that his us. We never know what is before us. Just live through it."

Nearly 10 miles in each direction had power knocked out and as a result the start of school in Boyle County was delayed by an hour.

No one was hurt.

The mayor of Perryville says the tree that was knocked down was a long-standing fixture in front of an old civil war hospital.

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