Storms dump heavy rain, flood Knox Co. roads

KNOX COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Melissa Carnes has seen Turkey Creek flood many times before, but several years ago she says a decision to drive over the flooded road almost proved to be a fatal mistake.

"My husband drove the truck into the water. He said 'I can see the road, which he could,'" she said, thinking back to the time she and her husband almost drowned trying to cross high water over Turkey Creek Road.

They barely escaped out the back of their Nissan pickup but the scenes like the devastation they saw Friday have them much more cautious.

"Turn around don't drown. We can say that much," said her son, Harold.

The Carnes had to turn around because Turkey Creek Road was closed after the hill fell onto the road, causing it to buckle and partially fall into the creek.

"But it's always been like this," he said.

The Judge Executive was out gathering details on just how bad the damage was on Friday. Many roads had high water on them, but most of the water had receded by mid-morning. Still the heavy overnight rains and flooded pathways was enough for schools to be closed in Knox County on Friday.

California Road
Turkey Creek Road
Turkey Creek Road

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