Storms in Menifee County damage home and cemetery

FRENCHBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - Storms in Menifee County left hundreds of people without power, damaged a cemetery, and sent a tree onto a family's porch.

When those storms began rolling in Tuesday evening Cassie Back and her family were trying to make it home to their basement.

"It looked awful, we seen the funnel clouds, they looked awful," she said Wednesday evening.

Back says the road her family tried to take home was blocked by a tree. She says they tried to take a second road and found a second tree, eventually they had to cut across a field just to get home.

"We made our way home and we got in front of the house and we noticed the house was demolished on the front porch," Back said.

The wind had brought down a large tree from their front yard, onto their front porch. Back says insurance adjusters are expected at the home Thursday.

A few miles down the road that same wind took down several trees at a cemetery off of Dan Ridge, overturning headstones and exposing a vault. Caretakers had cleared way some of the trees and set several of the damaged headstones back in place.

Back says despite the damage the storm didn't last very long.

"It wasn't five, ten, in minutes it was gone," she said.

On the other side of the county trees falling on Hope Means road took down power lines. Menifee County's Emergency Manager says as many as 400 people lost power during the storm.

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