Storms leave mess behind in Whitley County

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WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Storms on Monday afternoon caused some damage in Whitley County. People living along one road spent much of the evening cleaning up the mess, caused by falling trees.

There are many downed trees on Lot Mud Creek Road. One of the trees just happened to land on a camper. A large cedar tree uprooting and snapping in half after what neighbors are calling straight line winds blew through the area Monday afternoon right before school let out.

"We're trying to get this tree here out of the driveway and off the camper, so to get rid of it we've been dragging all the brush away from the driveway so they can get in," Austin Hardin, a neighbor, says.

Now neighbors are helping the landowner, Debora Chapman, clean up the mess. One tree crushed her family's camper and another limb snapped and punched holes in her renter's trailer.

"We're trying to get the family back in as soon as possible, so we cleared the tree out the back and filled all the holes in," Austin Hardin says.

This damage is bad enough, but thoughts of more storms on the way is worrisome for folks in this area already sick of spring's storms.

"I guess we'll have to hope for the best and hope nothing else happens. If there is (more damage), we'll try to be here to help them," Hardin says.

Emergency management officials and fire departments are on standby along with more sheriff's deputies on patrol for the night's storms. And people in Whitley County have an eye on the sky.

"I just gotta believe that the Lord is going to take care of it, and that's all I can do," Hardin says.

Luckily no was home or hurt when the storms passed through earlier.

As of Monday evening, emergency management officials have not opened up their operations center to monitor Monday night's storms in Whitley County.

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