Stormy pattern returns

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A few showers and an occasional thunderstorm will be possible overnight. Other than those remote chances, we expect muggy conditions.

Monday begins on the quiet side. You will notice quite a bit of humidity earlier in the day. We'll be dealing with some very uncomfortable air here. With that extra humidity hanging around on the air, it's much easier to fire off some of those scattered showers and storms.

The pattern through Wednesday looks about the same. Scattered storms each day. Thursday features a higher chances of storms. A front will slowly move into Kentucky. It's really the only day that I see everyone seeing widespread showers and storms.

Normally, when a front passes it will move south and washout during the warmer months. This one will slip into Tennessee and then make a quick return in the form of a warm front. This will again spread more humidity through the area and give us more chances of showers and storms. Basically, it keeps the pattern extremely unsettled!

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