Thief pulls gun on Lexington couple during strong-arm robbery

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say 20-year-old Jacques Washington robbed a husband and wife late last night. Police were able to catch Washington a short distance from the scene thanks to some quick actions taken by bystanders and an officers who was already nearby.

Investigators were told by the victims Washington approached them in the parking lot of the Woodhill Center asking for a cigarette, and when they said no, Washington stole the woman's cell phone and cigarettes and then got into a scuffle with the woman's husband.

Just a little after midnight Washington was actually spotted shortly after the robbery by a Lexington Police officer who was already nearby at the Thornton's gas station.

"Officers do, they check on businesses that are open overnight and make sure everything's okay. And this is exactly why," said Lexington Police Lieutenant Chris Young.

Police say some bystanders from Austin City Saloon saw some of the robbery take place, and told police they thought they saw the suspect with a gun.

"The gentleman from Austin city were instrumental in providing information and descriptions and vital parts of the investigation, that the suspect did in fact have a gun, and saw the gun on him," Young said.

Police searched for that firearm, but only found a gun magazine with some bullets nearby.

Investigators told us overnight that they would be reviewing surveillance video from the Thornton's to see if it would help give them a better idea of where Washington might have tossed the firearm.

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