Stray bullet hits Scott County home

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Scott County family noticed damage to their front door that turned out to be from a stray bullet.

Rhea Compton was watching her grandchildren on Wednesday when she noticed her front door was damaged. At first, she thought it was damage from a baseball.

"I thought it was a baseball at the bottom of the door. We got a baseball, found it, and it fit right in the hole," Compton said.

However, her husband, Blake, soon found a .223 bullet lodged inside the door frame.

After contacting the Sheriff's Office, they think someone fired a weapon in a nearby wooded area, only to have the bullet ricochet and hit their door.

The family said the woods behind their house is perfect for hunting, but they wish hunters would be more careful where they aim their guns.

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