Masterson Station neighborhood concerned about recent crimes

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - People in a Lexington neighborhood say they've had enough. They say crime has become a big problem in Masterson Station.

Just Tuesday morning, a string of car break-ins was reported there.
So now, people in Masterson Station are working on organizing a neighborhood watch.

There have been incidents reported of people driving around shooting BB guns, vandalisms, home break-ins, and now an overnight string of car break-ins.

"This summer really is the first summer where we've had issues as big as talking about a neighborhood watch," said Shericka Smith, who lives on Rockaway Place.

People living in the Masterson Station area say they are starting to feel targeted.

"I've lived here five years or so, and it's a pretty safe neighborhood," said Smith. "I've never had a concern or worry."

The problem with these recent break-ins is people left their car doors unlocked, making it a crime of opportunity.

"My next door neighbor was hit, but she had her car out of the garage and unlocked," said Smith. "Just a common mistake that people make all the time, so I'm sure she won't do that again. She won't make that mistake again."

"People need to lock their cars," said Ron Martin, who also lives on Rockaway Place. "You need to lock up any property because if you don't lock it up, then you might as well say here it is. Take it."

Now they're focusing on keeping an eye out for each other, hoping to stop petty crimes where they live.

"I always look around because I'm here most of the time, watching and looking and seeing what kind of traffic is in and out," said Martin.

People there say Tuesday night's meeting already scheduled to discuss a neighborhood watch program could not be better timing.

"I feel like it's safe, but now I'm starting to question that," said Martin.

Councilwoman Shevawn Akers helped organize that meeting which starts at 7 p.m. at the Masterson Station Clubhouse.

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