String of car thefts continues in Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - All across Lexington for the past few days, lots of people have been coming to the same unpleasant realization.

"I was walking towards where the truck was parked over here and I got to the spot and was like, 'Wait, wasn't the truck here?'," said Jessica Johnson.

"Put my shoes on, grabbed me a cup of coffee, come back out, and my car was gone," said Teddy Slone.

There were 15 reports of stolen vehicles in Lexington from Thursday to today. Some, like Slone's, were warming up outside unattended. She said she won't do that anymore.

"Just start it and wait for it to warm up while I'm sitting there in the car!" Slone said.

Others were a little more secure, but that didn't deter the thieves. Nancy Archer says her van was in the garage with the door down, but she says she forgot to lock the front door. She says someone came into her house, took the keys, then let themselves right out of the garage with her van.

"It's an odd feeling to know that somebody has come into your house and taken your stuff. Glad they didn't go any farther than the living room," Archer said.

Unfortunately for many of these people, the theft doesn't stop at the vehicle. They had valuable items inside them.

Archer says the thieves got her purse, with credit cards inside.

"They had ordered from foot locker online. They had ordered from online. $1,000 plus $1,000 for each," she said.

Monday afternoon, police said they found Teddy Slone's car at a gas station on Liberty Road. They say they're looking into the possibility that some of these thefts could be connected.

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