String of thefts surprises town of Wilmore

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WILMORE, Ky. (WKYT) - A central Kentucky university, the town's laundry mat, and the city water plant along others were targeted in a string of thefts.

The small town of Wilmore in Jessamine County doesn't get much crime action, but this past weekend that changed.

"The train's the only thing that makes the biggest noise around here," said Alex Keyser, who's a student at Asbury University.

Just about anyone would agree Wilmore is a quiet, small town in Jessamine County.

"It's a very, very, very good place to live. Quiet and it's just a safe community," said Chief William Craig, with the Wilmore Police Department.

But a string of thefts over the weekend is making a little racket. Multiple businesses and people have been targeted, and police say they still aren't sure if it's all connected.

"Just kind of shocking what people are doing to personal property here in Wilmore," said Keyser. "It's kind of scary."

One theft was at a water treatment plant and another where spring ball is starting back up. Storage units were broken into, an attempted burglary at a laundry mat, and even Asbury University was hit. It all comes as a surprise to many of those living there.

"That's just unbelievable for something like that to happen here in little Wilmore," said Keyser.

After the latest theft of a city truck, the damages total to more than 7,000 dollars. That's a total the chief says doesn't need to increase.

"I'm just shocked that people are taking city property, like a truck and setting it on fire. Just the damage that they could do to the city with that," said Keyser.

The chief tells us crime isn't the norm in Wilmore, especially so much at once.

"It's going to be happen anymore. I mean Satan's going to get into your heart no matter where you live, including the holy city of Wilmore or Nicholasville or Lexington," said Nancy Greenfield, who lives in Wilmore.

With no suspects in the case of these four separate incidents, Wilmore police tell WKYT that they have not determined yet if they are connected.

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