UPDATE: Teens charged in Knox County vandalism

Knox County Sheriff's Deputies say they charged six teenagers in the vandalism case on Happy Lane.

Deputies say all six are charged with criminal mischief.

No other information is released because they are all juveniles.

Neighbors say the vandals spray-painted a racial slur and other inappropriate words and pictures on mobile homes, signs, and the road.
Investigators are trying to figure out who's responsible for some vandalism in a southern Kentucky neighborhood.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office says someone used spray paint to vandalize homes, vehicles, road signs and a business on Happy Lane near Barbourville early Sunday morning.

The vandalism included vulgar symbols and a racial slur.

"Noticed on the back of my truck a picture of a man's private thing spray painted on the back of the truck," said Scott Bingham who had to clean graffiti from his vehicle.

There was also a racial slur written in letters more than a foot tall. Six different homes each had one letter written on them.

Neighbors say they believe it's teenagers causing the damage. They also say they may not realize just how serious their actions can be.

"They don't realize the damage it causes, they use words like that to try and hurt people feelings," said Solomon Lyttle.

Police also say they received reports of tires being damaged in the neighborhood a few days earlier.

Deputies say they're looking into some leads in this case.

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