Strong winds rip through Frankfort, downing trees and power lines

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Some people living in Frankfort had a huge mess to clean up Friday after a strong storm blew through.

The storm hit just before the Relay for Life event was supposed to get started at Franklin County High School.

The storm blew down tents and even blew a tree down onto a SUV.

Around 5:30 Friday evening, the dark clouds began to roll in; the strong winds began to pick up and dozens of trees came tumbling down.

“It seemed like it was different than any other normal storm," said Cheryl Ellis, neighbor.

"All of these trees were just down. There are just piles of trees everywhere," said Vanessa Venettozzi, who also lives in the neighborhood.

In the Silver Lake neighborhood of Frankfort, the storm damage stretched from one street to the next.

Signs of damage also evident near Franklin County High School where tree limbs littered the parking lot and tents set up for a Relay for Life event were scattered across the lawn.

“It just looks chaotic and there were tons of things in the road. People were swerving around other things to get places," Venettozzi said.

While downed trees blocked many roadways, other roads like Highway 2228 north had to be blocked because the high winds caused the utility lines to fall over.

"We came out and it was just a mess. Three minutes and now all this just out of nowhere," Ellis told WKYT Friday.

Now, the storm that rolled through in a matter of minutes has left folks in the area with hours and possibly days of cleanup ahead of them.

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