Strong winds rip through Wayne Co., tearing storage business apart

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WAYNE COUNTY, Ky. - (WKYT) - In Wayne County, Wednesday’s severe weather tore apart a boat storage business, causing extensive damage to the buildings and many of the boats.

“We worked half the night and today taking care of the mess and watching over what’s left. We’ve been cleaning up and trying to get everyone’s stuff together and organized,” said Mary Bell, owner of Bell’s Boat Storage in Monticello.

On Thursday, she and her family worked tirelessly cleaning up the debris scattered around the property.

“The entire roof was blown off and is now all the way over there plowed directly into the ground.”

All the while, Mary Bell looked upon the landscape of loss with sadness, shock, and utter disbelief.

“I just couldn't believe this. I understand if maybe a few of the units were damaged or if part of the roof was damaged but not all of this.”

30 years ago, she and her husband started Bell's Boat Storage business and on Thursday night, he was unfortunately the one who had to bear the bad news.

“He called me and said, ‘Mary it’s gone.” I said, ‘It’s gone? Completely gone?’ He said, ‘Yes, the building isn't here anymore.’”

17 of the boats stored inside that particular building are now severely damaged while pieces of the building itself are now scattered around the property.

“We’ll have to completely rebuild from scratch,” Bell told WKYT Thursday.

Mary Bell says on Friday, she should have an estimate on how much it will cost to rebuild but she's still not sure exactly how long the rebuilding process will take.

“It’s just unreal that the wind could take it all away in the blink of an eye. Now it’s just…gone.”

This is the second time her business has been damaged due to severe weather.

Just two years ago, Mary Bell says a tornado ripped the roof off several of the storage buildings.

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