Strong winds make driving dangerous

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A storm system is bringing strong winds to the Bluegrass Tuesday.

If you're out driving in all this, you can definitely feel just how strong those winds are.

The strong winds could potentially cause some problems on the roads. With a wind advisory in place, officials are urging drivers, especially those in high profile vehicles, to use extra caution.

Carlton Kendrick has been driving a moving truck for eight years now, and he knows just how scary the winds can be.

"You feel the truck jostling over, your heart beats, your stomach jumps up in you, you're nervous, you just got to maintain control," Kendrick says.

AAA officials say it is critical for other drivers to pay attention when sharing the road with the large trucks.

"It's very easy for them to get caught by wind, blown into your path. So this really applies to give them a lot of space," says Christopher Oakford, a AAA spokesperson.

Oakford says while in the strong winds, drivers should pay attention to three things specifically.

"Slow down, keep both hands on the wheel, and leave room, so you can scan the road," Oakford says.

Kendrick says after years of being behind the wheel of a truck, he is very aware of driving safety.

"When the box is empty, it sways a lot, so just got to be careful, take time, be aware of my surroundings."

AAA officials also say it is important to be careful when opening and closing car doors. If a gust of wind gets it just right, it could damage your car or hurt someone.

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