Student involved in bus crash talks about frightening experience

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Students describe a frightening ride that happened when a Lincoln County school bus crashed into a truck, sending more than 30 people to the hospital.

Police say the driver of the truck was critically injured.

WKYT’s Jordan Vilines talked to a student who was on the bus and has more:

In the small town of Hustonville, news travels fast and bad news---travels even faster.

“We just all passed around the phone and my friend let me borrow his and I called my dad and told him we got into a bus crash,” said Jacob Couch, an 8th grader who was on board the bus.

on Wednesday, many Lincoln County parents received a similar phone call informing them that the school bus carrying their children had been involved in a head on collision with a pickup truck on Kentucky 78.

“It shook the whole bus and that’s why I have a headache right now. I’m doing better than others. Some were bleeding others had their knee busted up,” Couch explained.

Out of the 48 students on board, 36 of them were taken to local hospitals but have since been released.

The driver of the school bus, 44-year-old Judy Asbery, was not seriously injured in the crash which came as a surprise to some since she was driving a flat-nose bus, which practically put her right on top of the collision.

But the driver of the truck, William Coleman, had to be airlifted from the scene with life-threatening injuries.

After the crash, students took the time to say a prayer for the victim.

“We said ‘please help us through this crash and pray for this man who was in the truck.’” This prayer---carrying sentiments that will continue to echo around the small community.

Police say the bus was headed to Stanford when something caused it to swerve into the other lane and slam into the truck.

At last check, William Coleman is still in critical condition at UK Hospital.

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