Student online town hall meeting

They might not be old enough to vote, but students had a chance to take part in a pre debate event today.

They learned it's never too early to start taking part in the political process.

This afternoon thousands of students from around the world took part in an online town hall meeting here at Centre.

On hand in person were some familiar political faces from Kentucky and more than 150 students.

"We're actually going to interact a little bit with some political debates from both sides, Democrats and Republicans. Get a little bit better knowledge of both of the sides," said David Sloan, a Martin County student.

"It's about student voice and we will be able to Tweet in our answers, responses about some of the things that they are going to be talking about. It's really cool to see how we have an impact in this discussion," said Emma Jackson, a Danville student.

"This is certainly new to the debate format. This is Centre's way of making the debate experience broader. More available to students in classrooms and really share the energy and excitement of what is happening here," said Jessica Ditto, from Connected Nation.

Schools from as far away Uganda and China participated.