UK police say students were "drugged" at off-campus parties

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK police are warning students to be careful what they drink at parties.

Police issued a public safety notice after some students reported being drugged at some off-campus parties.

Having something slipped into your drink at a party is a concept many college students are already wary of and on Friday, UK police sent out an email warning students about just that.

The email says over the past two weeks, students have been reporting that an unknown substance was placed into their drinks while attending off-campus parties.

“It makes me more concerned but I would never go anywhere without my friends so I feel like I’d never be in a situation like that,” said one UK student we spoke with Friday.

Although many think this situation couldn't ever happen to them, police say it can and for some it already has.

The first incident happened at a party on Dantzler Court where a female student said that after consuming just one drink she became heavily sedated and didn't remember the rest of the night.

The second incident took place at a house on University Avenue where police say several female students reported that they'd been drugged after drinking a beverage provided to them at a party.

The students there said the drink had a strange taste and appeared to have a foreign substance dissolving in the drink.

Police aren't sure if this is a growing trend or if the incidents are isolated but either way they're still urging students to be more careful about what they're drinking and who they're getting that drink from.

If you have any information about the incidents you are asked to contact UK police at (859) 257-8573, or the Dean of Students at (859) 257-3754.

UK Police want to remind students to take the following safety precautions:
◾Drink responsibly.
◾Do not leave your drink unattended.
◾Know your drinking limits.
◾Don't accept a drink unless you are 100 percent sure of its contents.
◾Only those of legal age should consume alcoholic beverages.

Signs you may have been drugged:
◾Drink is foggy and/or there is a slight change in color or taste.
◾You feel more intoxicated than you should, considering how many drinks you may have had.
◾You feel dizzy or light-headed.
◾You suddenly become sleepy.
◾You experience a significant loss of coordination.
◾You experience hallucinations.

If you have been a victim of violence, or would like to be a part of UK's effort to end violence, please contact the Violence Intervention and Prevention (VIP) Center for confidential services, support and referrals. (859) 257-3564.

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