Students raise money for MDA in memory of friend lost

Friday, middle school students in Woodford County celebrated the life and legacy of a friend they lost earlier this year.

Seventh-grader Dylan Preston died in February. He had muscular dystrophy. Friday, some of his classmates and friends celebrated his life by donating close to $3,000 to MDA. They invited Dylan's mom to their fundraiser party, to show her how much her son meant to them.

"His friends were the most important thing to him. That's why he liked school so much," explained Dylan's mom Sharon Murphy, "I just want them to always stay positive and never let anything get them down because Dylan never let anything get him down he was always positive no matter what life handed him."

Dylan's friends raised exactly $2,765.29 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

"I didn't want another family, another student, another school system to go through what all of us went through with losing a friend and a child because that was really heart breaking to us," said WCMS student Joshua Cromwell, "Dylan meant a lot to everybody. You'd walk into school, and maybe you're having a bad start of the day and you'd see Dylan and he just brought you this big old smile."

The students also presented Dylan's family with a tree to plant in his memory.

The McDonald's where Dylan's mother works in Woodford County donated $1,000 to MDA.

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