Subway employee spots robbery suspect

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A man robbed this Subway last week, but Monday morning, the employee who he robbed spotted him on the street.

Just after 9:00 Thursday night, police say a man robbed the Subway on North Broadway. Employees say the man walked in, ordered a sandwich, and by the time he got to the register he showed the employee a gun, demanded cash and ran.

That same employee who the suspect robbed was driving to work this morning, when he says he spotted the robber walking down the street. He immediately called police.

When officers found the man, they say he took off running. After a few blocks, police caught up with the man and brought him to police headquarters for questioning.

WKYT spoke with the Subway employee who saw the suspect. He says he would never forget that man's face.

"I was driving down the street and I saw those same shorts. I was looking, and I said, 'is that the guy who robbed me, robbed the store?' I turned the music up in my car and then he looked at me and that's when I got the facial picture of him and I said 'that was him,'" says Thomas Ault, Subway employee.

Detectives spent most of the morning questioning that suspect. There's still no word on whether the suspect that was taken into custody was charged with any crime.

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