Subway robbery video released

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Newly released surveillance video shows what happened at an attempted robbery of a Subway restaurant that is similar to a pair of robberies on Friday.
In the video, you can see the robber walk in the store on Saron Dr. on Sunday afternoon.
He tries to get behind the sandwich counter unsuccessfully.
Then he gives one of the clerks a note demanding money.
The clerk appears to give the note back to the suspect, who then tries to get into a back office at the Subway only to be pushed out of the restaurant.
He didn't get away with anything.
Police are still looking for the suspect, despite help from his girlfriend, who was with him at the time.
She says she had no idea what he was up to and when he escaped the scene, she stayed behind to give police a suspect description.

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