Summer arrives with more storms

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Summer is officially here! It certainly felt that way for all of us across Central & Eastern Kentucky too! The mix of sun & clouds coupled with humidity made it feel very uncomfortable for many of us during the afternoon and evening hours. The heat really doesn't go too far as we move forward.

While most stayed dry on Saturday, a few did see some storms. There will be even more chances on on Sunday. Again, most of us will stay on the dry side. The isolated chance of showers and storms will be at its peak during the afternoon and evening hours. Just like most days this past week. Highs will probably be lurking around the mid and upper 80s in some locations.

A warm front will swing north of Kentucky for Monday. This will allow for a lot more hot and humid air to take over. It's our next best chance to see thermometers hit the 90 degree mark. When you factor in the humidity, it will feel more like 90-95.

We'll see several storm chances in our 7-Day forecast. At any point some of these could be relatively strong or even severe. I am not talking about a severe weather outbreak, but some could pulse up strong enough to heighten concerns.

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