Lexington summer camps fill up fast

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Summer camps are especially in demand this year, but because of all the missed snow days taken by area schools this winter, some kids could be left out of the experience.

The line was out the door Thursday for parents wanting to get their kids in to summer camp.

"I've got two grandsons that wanna go, so it was on the list to wait in line," said John Paul Moore.

"People do crazy things for their kids getting here 6:30, 7 o'clock," said another man waiting in line.

According to Lexington Parks and Recreation superintendent, Evelyn Bologna, Eight of 17 camps are shorter this year, some by as many as two weeks, because of all the snow days taken by area schools this winter.

She says 500 kids could be without a summer camp to go to.

"It's a very stressful thing to get your kid into summer camp, there are always kids that can't get in," said Allison Perry, the first parent in line.

Camp Kearney is by far the most popular camp.

All of the parents in line we spoke with said they were trying to get their kids in to this particular camp.

One parent had some advice for those whose kids don't get in.

"Just put a hose out back, get a boat, create your own," said Moore.

When registration first opened, camps were filling up in the first 30 minutes, according to Bologna.

If you're interested in trying to get your child on a wait list, call (859) 288-2900.

You can also visit the Lexington Parks and Rec Facebook page.

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