Lexington organization provides air conditioners for sick and elderly

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As temperatures rise, most people are clicking on their air conditioners to cool off, but employees at the Community Action Center are urging people to help those who don't have that option.

"We've had a pretty mild spring, but we're jumping head first into summer," says Cameron Minter, CAC Public Information Specialist.

For people with cardiac and respiratory issues, suffering though the summer heat without air conditioning isn't just uncomfortable, it's also dangerous.

"Over the summer there have been deaths associated with the heat. It's important to realize that when you're warm and go into an air conditioned building, someone [else] doesn't have that option," says Minter.

The CAC's "Summer Cooling Program" helps provide air conditioners for the sick and elderly. It's funded entirely by donors. Usually the program provides a little more than a hundred window air conditioners to those who have a serious, medical need.

"It causes problems for them to survive throughout the summer without this relief," Minter says.

Temperatures are expected to reach the 90's later this week. So, CAC officials say now is the perfect time to look out for your neighbor.

"It's really important the warmer it gets, the more we need to think about others that may not be in our situation," says Minter.

For those looking to donate or apply for assistance, can do so by going to www.commaction.org

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