Summer-like pattern returns

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After experiencing a wonderful Saturday with less humidity, we are entering a muggy and stormy pattern again. It all begins with Sunday. First, the heat and humidity climb during the afternoon and evening. Most areas will hover around the mid 80s. When you factor in the humidity... it will feel more like the upper 80s.

Secondly, our storm chances begin today and run through the week! The chances of showers and storms will start increasing as the afternoon and evening hours settle in on Kentucky. Any one of these that develops could produce heavy rain, gusty winds, and plenty of lightning. It's that normal scattered storms chance we see during the Summer months.

The muggy air will not disappear anytime soon. Each day this week we have a chance of showers and storms. Those will go hand-in-hand with the heat indices climbing as well. With all the extra moisture in the air it will be hard for folks to see an actual 90 on the thermometer, but that doesn't mean that it won't feel like it! All of this happens if you are outside of a shower or storm. Remember, those will cool you off temporarily!

Enjoy the sunshine while you can!

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