Summer pattern holds strong

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Another day with plenty of heat with a chance of afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. It has been the theme of the week! After going an extended period of time without reaching the 90 degree mark, we have hit it twice this week. I think we'll do it again today. There is a chance we will actually go a little higher than 90. It will only be by a degree or two so 91 or even a 92 is a solid possibility.

Once the afternoon and evening hours arrive, so will the chances of showers and storms. Just like Tuesday, the chances will be hit and miss. I do think that we'll actually see a few more showers and storms try to develop today. Not many more, but certainly a few more.

The look of Thursday is a little more appealing for rain chances. A front will slip in from our northeast and enhance our storm chances. That means we could all see widespread storm chances for the first time this week. It's not everyday that we see a front approach us from the northeast. The typical pattern brings in systems like this from the northwest. This is known as a backdoor front.

The game-changing front will not arrive until late in the weekend. It's our only chance to break up this hot and humid pattern. We'll get a break from it by early next week.

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