Support builds for McCreary County mother after child dies

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McCREARY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Facebook page has been up for less than a week, and already more than 15,000 have joined in, calling themselves "Team Grant."

Grant Torkelson is only eight months old, but Thursday at 1:40 in the afternoon at a hospital in North Carolina, he took in his last breath.

"I just cant imagine the loss that they feel," said Sue Singleton, a family friend and former mother-in-law of the boy's mother, Ashley Torkelson.

Last Friday, Grant had an accident in the bathtub at the family's home, in North Carolina, where Grant's father is stationed for military service.

Facebook posts called for prayers and even gave updates. One post from Tuesday had some hard news to pass along, it read:

"Ashley & Jesse want to be honest with everyone the test results came back with No brain activity. They ask for all prayer warriors to pray for guidance for them as Grants parents as What to do."

"It didn't look good from the beginning but there (were) times that there was hope," described Singleton of Grant's fight.

The page spread quickly and people from all over the nation, and even the world, signed in to share their prayers with Ashley, and her husband Jesse.

"A lot of the things are sad but it's heart warming to see that they have so many people praying," said Singleton.

While the accident happened states away, Singleton says these are McCreary County people and they're going to look out for one another.

"Ashley is one of our own. We've always remained close. We want to do something to help the family. They've had a lot of expenses and they'll continue to have a lot of funerals expenses and all."

While losing the little one is tough, some are finding peace.

"We know he'll never have any pain," answered Singleton.

McCreary County may look out for their own, but today they're just the heart behind "Team Grant."

If you want to help, you can send your donations to McCreary Christian Center, or call 606-376-8742.

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