Supporters push for legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Rebecca Collins says cancer has killed one whole side of her family.

"When you've got a loved one laying there that is suffering because of chemo and radiation, it is heartbreaking, " said Collins. She is one of several dozen who rallied in support of the medical marijuana bill at the capital annex Wednesday.

She's one that believes marijuana is a better solution as witnessed by an aunt who benefited from it.

"She was so nauseated so sick ... made her cookies with marijuana in them to help her to eat," said Collins.

Senate bill 11 would change marijuana to a Schedule 2 drug so doctors could prescribe it. Perry Clark is the sponsor.

"The people are ahead of the politicians where it comes to cannibus policy," said Sen. Perry Clark, D-Louisville.

It is named after Gatewood Galbraith who pushed legalization of marijuana in many of his campaigns. Many at the rally simply want it legalized only for health reasons.

"I know different people with back injuries, that with spasms that marijuana relaxes the muscles," said supporter Sally Bowman.

The bill was assigned to the judiciary committee but it's not certain when it will be heard.

Operation Unite issued a statement after the rally saying: "The Federal Courts have ruled that marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug with no legitimate medical use. We believe it is an attempt to legalize marijuana. "

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