Surveillance captures store owner's retaliation

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - It's something police officials here in Winchester strongly recommend you don't do.
Last night a store owner in town took drastic measures to defend his store against a masked gunman.

At the market that sits on the corner of North Main and Mt. Sterling Road, around 8:30 last night, the would be robber enters.

The gunman, shrouded in a ski mask, gray hoodie and blue jeans quickly changes his objective though, when the store owner, opens fire on him.

The owner told us he had his gun ready when he saw the intruder making his way toward the front door.
He fired two shots, and that's all it took to deter the attempt.

"They happen from time to time. A store owner will attempt to protect what's his, and he may have been in fear for his life as well. Which we won't fault him on that for sure," said Capt. James Hall with the Winchester Police Department.

But only about an hour later, a suspect with a similar description held up a Marathon station in Mt. Sterling, prompting a joint effort by both Winchester Police and the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to find who's responsible.

No one inside the store was hurt and the market was back up and running as usual Tuesday morning.

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