Richmond Police searching for two men after violent attack

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a vicious attack on an unsuspecting victim. We were able to pick up some surveillance video from Richmond Police from an assault that happened earlier this month at the Shell station on the bypass.

The video of the attack, that police say began as a verbal argument between the victim and the two attackers, escalated quickly.
The two men are seen mercilessly punching and kicking the victim, before he hits the ground, motionless.

Then, the two suspects speed off in the silver car.
Police have tracked the vehicle down, and spoken to the owner, who says she has no idea how the suspects were able to get it from her.

What sets this video apart from most we see, is the clarity of the video from the inside of the store, that catches the two attackers just moments before they commit the act.
Police say the man who committed the knock-out blow, can be seen very clearly.

"Obviously a significant assault. I'm sure that they'll work something out in court. But it's a little bit more significant than a routine assault that someone would usually see," said Assistant Chief Robert Mott, with the Richmond Police Department.

Police say as a result of this attack the victim had to get seven staples in the back of his head.

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