Suspect arrested in Fayette Mall slashing

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Two weeks after she was attacked by two women while walking into the mall to go to work, Nicole Kyaw says she never thought arests would be made.

"I was getting nervous," Kyaw said.

Police say Nicole Bewley turned herself in at the Sheriff's Office today. Investigators had a warrant for her arrest, saying she cut Kyaw's face repeatedly with a razor blade.

"My face is healing a lot better than I thought it would; I've been staying in, trying to be safe," Kyaw explained as she pointed out the visible injuries to the left side of her face.

Kyaw still has stitches in her cheek.

As Kyaw continues to recover mentally and physically, she says she's glad to know that Bewley is in jail.

"I am a lot happier. It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

The aspring model says she had never met Bewley in person, but says Bewley attacked her on facebook. The two have an ex-boyfriend in common.
Now, Kyaw thinks facebook status updates may be the reason Bewley knew where to find her, so she's got advice for everyone who logs on.

"Really staying to myself. And not--well, not letting people know what I'm doing all the time."

Bewley is charged with assault and declined a WKYT-TV request for an interview.

A spokesperson for the Lexington Police Department says they have a warrant for another woman's arrest.

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