Pastor charged in Danville triple murder pleads not guilty

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Kenneth Keith was wearing a bullet proof vest and was flanked by several armed security guards as he was brought into the Boyle County courthouse.

“Well, we don’t want anyone shot on the way to court,” Keith's attorney Mark Stanziano, told the media, after the hearing.

His attorney defended the extra security although he said he wasn’t aware of any specific threat against his client.

“In cases like there is always the possibility that some vigilante will run around with a gun and start shooting people,” said Stanziano.

His attorney says it was much more than a formality, a not guilty plea was entered. But Keith’s attorney maintains police did in fact arrest the wrong guy.

“Absolutley, absolutely,” Stanziano said.

Police have said they have overwhelming evidence, with the most recent court documents detailing bullet casings matching that of the murders found inside Gold Rush Pawn Shop.

“There’s matching and there’s matching. Does the gun leave specific markings on the casings? Did they find the same kind of casings at the shop or is it that she shot with a .22, .38 or .45?” Stanziano asked.

Keith remains in jail under no bond but Stanziano aims to change that during a bond hearing set for December 2nd.

“He should have a bond set. I anticipate it will be high. But he is entitled to have one set,” he said.

Stanziano says he expects to have all the discovery from the prosecutors delivered to him by the beginning of next week.


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