Suspected metal thieves swipe historical marker, other items

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STAMPING GROUND, Ky. (WKYT) - Julian Singer said more than a hundred years ago, his grandfather put up $1,000 to help build a bridge on Galloway Road near Stamping Ground more than one hundred years ago. Now, the historical marker detailing its history is missing and the Sheriff's office is looking for the thief.

Julian Singer says this bridge meant a lot to the people of Scott County when it was built in 1910.

"You had to go across the creek and when the creek got up, you couldn't go across," he said.

In fact, it meant so much that members of the community had a state historic marker put up here a few years ago.

"It was good size ceremony for the Galloway Road here,"

But that sign is now missing, an apparent victim of metal thieves.

"Someone to go into a cemetery and take a headstone away. If you can imagine how that might be and imagine how this might be, I think that would be a pretty good comparison," said Singer.

Officials at the sheriff's office say it's not an isolated incident.

"There has been several people on that same area who have had things taken out of their yard," said Captain Jearl Porter of the Scott County Sheriff's Office.

Singer said he's willing to carry on the torch his grandfather carried more than a century ago.

"My grandfather found a way to pay for part of that bridge. I'm sure we could find a way to pay for the marker," he said.

Officials at the Sheriff's Office said the sign cost about $2,500 to put up.

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