Suspects arrested after pocket dialing 911

GEORGETOWN, Ky (WKYT) - Investigators say an accidental phone call led police to some teenage burglary suspects.

Georgetown Police say one of the teens mistakenly called 911 after the burglary but didn't realize it.

"911 where is your emergency? Hello?"

Scott County dispatchers got that call just before six Wednesday night. It sparked a search that lasted more than an hour. Police followed the call to Wood Glenn Way where they found a man who said his home had just been robbed.

"He came running out of the room, hit me and knocked me into the couch and I tackled him," Wayne Bosley said. He says he grabbed the burglar who was armed with a knife.

"The boy was taller than me, he was a pretty good sized boy. I didn't know how old he was, I didn't know anything except he's in my house and he's robbing my house," Bosley said.

Once he had the burglar subdued Bosley says two other teenagers came in the home. They distracted him and all three ran away. One of the items they took was an old cellphone.

Moments after the burglary a call went into 911 dispatchers.

"It was pretty obvious that the people were talking about a burglary that they had just committed," said Georgetown Police Captain Robert Swanigan.

Bosley says the emergency button on the stolen phone was stuck. As soon as it was turned on the only number it would dial was 911, but the thieves didn't know that.

Dispatchers listened as the burglars talked about the fight, the burglary, and the police swarming the area.

"Last night they did a tremendous job coordinating with the officers. Listening to the information, piecing some things together," Swanigan said.

Dispatchers led police to a home with three teenagers inside. Police say one of them was carrying the phone they had been listening to during the search.

Georgetown Police say the three teens are fifteen to sixteen years old. They face charges of first degree burglary, second degree assault, and theft by unlawful taking.

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