Suspects arrested in string of Boyle County break-ins

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It could be a break in rash of crime in one Central Kentucky community after police nab two men about to break into a home.

The arrests come in the wake of at least a half dozen break-ins in Boyle County.

Police have just released the 911 tapes from several of those break-ins.

Police believe the two men they arrested last night were about to break into a home on Fox Harbor Drive, and now police question if they're also responsible for instilling fear that a number of people have been feeling for several weeks.

Officials recently released a 911 tape from the night of the break-in.

"911, what's your emergency?"
"Yes, my daughter called and said someone has broken into my house."

That call came from a home on Hartland Drive in moments after the caller's daughter discovered every homeowner's nightmare.

"Ok, so she heard someone upstairs?"
"Yes, my kitchen window is up, my computer is gone and my back door is wide open."

She wasn't alone. Police received two more similar calls on Linda Avenue and Graham Street.

Thursday night police arrested Devan Patton and Matthew Warner and charged them with conspiracy to commit burglary.

Police believe they've broken into other homes, but Danville Police are stopping short or saying they're responsible for all the recent crimes.

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