"Suspicious death" ruled as a homicide

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. - (WKYT) - Jessamine County Sheriff's deputies said the sudden death of Dale "Monty" Burgess was suspicious, but now they’re telling us why.

Mystery still surrounds the sudden death of the 49-year-old.

“I still don't know what happened to him or why,” said Les Marler, who lives a few doors down from Burgess.

Early Friday morning, deputies found Burgess' body in the bathroom of his home on Elm Fork Road in Jessamine County.

“At the time we felt like the circumstances surrounding the death were suspicious and we started the investigation,” said Sgt. Larry Oliver with the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office.

In the past few days, more details have been revealed which has helped deputies put some pieces of the puzzle together.

“The deceased had an autopsy on Saturday and it confirmed some of the suspicions that we had. Preliminary results were that he died of multiple gunshot wounds.”

Now, we know how Burgess died but we still don't know who killed him-- which is making some neighbors nervous.

Some neighbors we spoke with say they are actually choosing to move because they fear for their safety.

Les Marler, who lived near Burgess for years, doesn't plan on moving anywhere but he's still shaken by the violent incident.

“It just makes you concerned at your own home, it’s supposed to be a safe place but it’s not anymore,” Marler said.

Deputies have two to three persons of interest in mind but they need more information before they can make any arrests.

“We are just hoping that someone will call and offer that one thing that we need the most,” Sgt. Oliver said.

Deputies could not tell us where or how many times Burgess was shot.

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