Suspicious man casing homes in Lexington neighborhood

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We have an alert for people living in one Lexington neighborhood.

Police have received reports of a suspicious person on Turkey Foot Road, near Ecton Park.

With Christmas right around the corner, you probably have some nicer things than usual in your home. One man is scoping out those goodies which is why one councilman and police say you should be on alert.

He's going door to door claiming he's selling Tide laundry detergent. But people in the area are onto him and his scam including Councilman Bill Farmer.

"When somebody comes and they're trying to case your house for what cars are in the driveway, how many cars are parked there, what kind of electronic goods, and they're there to sell you something that you can get at the grocery anyway, don't do business that way," said Councilman Farmer. "Just don't answer the door to begin with."

Councilman Farmer tells us police asked for his office's help in getting the word out. Instances like this one are when he says social media comes in handy.

"You don't have to be at home sitting at their laptop or base computer. It comes to their hip, and they can become very aware on behalf of themselves, their spouse, and their children," said Councilman Farmer.

Kim Risner, who has lived in this neighborhood for more than 40 years, says she's shocked by the news of something like this happening in her backyard.

"A lot of people live in the neighborhood that are just like me. We grew up here and stayed in the neighborhood, and we're pretty open with each other," said Risner. "So yeah, it's kind of scary, especially this time of year."

Being smart and alert and watching out for your neighbors are what Risner encourages everyone to do.

"Keeping the blinds shut, not answering the door, and maybe keeping your lights on when you're not there looking like someone is home. Maybe even keep your television turned on," said Risner.

The suspicious person is described as a white man with an average build standing at about six feet tall driving a blue SUV similar to a Tahoe or Suburban.

Councilman Farmer tells us police have increased their patrols in the area.

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