Syrian doctor recalls violence in war-torn country

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – When he's not treating patients in Central Kentucky, Georgetown doctor Ziad Sara is watching the developments in Syria very closely.

"It's very emotional, very scary," said Dr. Sara.

Even though he hasn't lived there since 1996, he still has family and friends who haven't been able to flee the war-torn country.

"The Lebanese border is very dangerous to get into Lebanon and the Turkish border is almost impossible to go through," he said.

Dr. Sara things taking military action against Syria isn't the way to go.

He'd rather see the United Nations take an active role in bringing peace to the region.

"I think all countries in the Middle East has to give up all capability for nuclear and chemical weapons, including Israel. That would generate more peaceful climate in the area and probably prepare the nations to engage in the peace process."

The doctor has witnessed the bloodshed himself.

His own home was destroyed by the Muslim militia, as he calls it, and he's also observed a radicalization of many of his Muslim friends.

"As a Syrian Christian we lost one of the most beautiful and ancient churches in our district."

Still, he thinks the U.S. shouldn't go it alone, acting as the policeman of the world, he says.

Sara founded the Saint Elian Christian Orthodox Charitable Organization.

There's a Facebook page where people can make donations to the people of Homs, Syria, where the doctor is from.

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